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Cascade Cycleboats manufactures one-of-a-kind tour boats for entrepreneurs, pedal pub owners, tour companies, and resorts.

Unique Paddleboats

On our eco-friendly Cycleboats riders face each other and pedal on individual cycle stations to propel a large paddlewheel at the back of the boat.

Customizable Aesthetics

Each Cycleboat is individually made to order. Powder-coat and canopy colors are customized to match your brand.

Safety First

Our unique design is approved by the U.S. Marine Safety Center and each Cycleboat is U.S.C.G. certified for commercial use as a Small Passenger Vessel.

Cascade Cycleboats is Perfect for Bachelorette Parties

Ultimate Social Experience

Our Cycleboats have two inward facing rows of pedal stations maximizing face to face interactions and social exchanges.

Cycleboats are perfect for hosting parties but are also great for team building, family reunions and shoreline sightseeing.

Cycleboat 10 Pedal Stations with Trough Coolers

Custom Paddlewheel

The paddlewheel comes engraved with your business name and is on an electric tilt that your Captain can simply raise or lower to make pedaling easy or a challenge.

With large cushiony seats and soft pedals, the riding experience is comparable to being on a beach cruiser.

Paddlewheel Electric Tilt on Cycleboat
Paddlewheel on Cycleboat with Custom Engraving

Self-Serve Coolers

A trough-style cooler run through the middle of the bar allowing riders to easily access their own cold food and beverages. Built-in drains allow for easy clean up between tours.

Each pedal station has a flush-mounted cup holder set in the durable mahogany bar-top.

U.S.C.G. Stability Test on Cycleboat
U.S.C.G. Stability Test on Cycleboat

Coast Guard Certified

Cycleboats are built atop 25-foot aluminum pontoons that were engineered specially for our design.

The pontoons and structure are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard multiple times during each build and we handle the initial Certificate of Inspection (C.O.I.) for new Cycleboats.


Eco-Friendly Electric Motor

A 48-volt 10HP Torqeedo electric motor comes standard to ensure you can safely maneuver in and out of dock, move quickly in a emergency, and relieve any tired peddlers.

Solar panels can be added to charge the motor as needed.


Custom Trailer & Storage

Each cycleboat comes with its own custom trailer for transport and launching.

Storage boxes to keep life jackets, safety equipment and riders personal items double as upholstered benches to comfortably accommodate 4 additional non-pedaling passengers.



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